Speed Post_Mumbai to Boston in a cotton sack

I was very excited and a bit surprised tonight to receive the package I had sent myself from Mumbai, India late last week. To be completely honest, I was surprised to see the contents at all.  The postal system I was strung through to get the package sent was on par with most other obstacles I faced while I was visiting Mumbai.

“Three photocopies of this, fill out these forms, you can’t send medicine sir (Tiger Balm), go see the ladies out there on the curb and they will sew up your package and seal it for you.”

” It is not possible sir for you to be the sender and receiver”

After quoting me two different prices to send the same package at the same speed, I went with the lesser amount and crossed my fingers. And just like the rest of the trip, things seemed to work out in the end. I now have three new bicycle bells (that are VERY loud) and a bunch of clothing and trinkets from Mumbai.

Thank you Speed Post.

Cocktails and Jewelry on Marlborough st.

I was recently asked  by Neiman Marcus to shoot a private party at a home on Marlborough street in Boston. I have been meaning to post a few photos from the event. Along with the usual cocktails, hors doeurves, the party featured  jewelry for sale by London Jeweler Stephen Webster, who attended the party as the guest of honor. I photographed this party just a few days after returning from Detroit to photograph the decay and sadness that is surrounding that city right now. For me it was really a sharp contrast to see both ends in such a short time.


For me it was really a sharp contrast to see both ends in such a short time. While homes in Detroit are selling for as little as $50, there were items on the table in front of me selling for $50,000.


Over time I have really begun to enjoy photographing private parties. I am given the chance to weave around a room and capture my take on the evening.


Sometimes I feel like I am walking through a movie set, everything is done so perfectly.


I find that I spend a lot of time looking for details.


I feel I captured some great expressions that evening, using hands instead of faces.


Halloween in Detroit continued

…………One of the places that we really wanted to see while in Detroit was the Lee Plaza Hotel.  The 15 story high rise building  used to be a very  fancy apartment complex with hotel amenities, and with its great views no doubt catered to the high class back when Detroit was thriving.


It is safe to say that the area surrounding the hotel is not as nice as it used to be.  The hotel is blocked off by a chain link fence with barbed wire though we were able to find an opening around the back. From there, the only way inside was down.


Once inside, we spent hours walking the wind swept hallways and  looking at what years of abandonment can do to what once was a beautiful place to be.  Each room was damaged beyond belief, with huge holes taken out of the concrete walls and graffiti everywhere.


Moss grew on the floor of a room on the penthouse level.


In the next room, a chair sat half way out a window.


On the way down the back staircase we came across a floor where many belongings had been left and probably rummaged through for years. It was extremely dark and dank. A synthetic rose was left on the ground.


Halloween in Detroit

By now many of us are aware of the hard times facing the people and buildings that occupy Detroit, Michigan.  This past weekend a few of my photographer friends and I drove to Detroit to see for ourselves. Although we had done some research and seen photographs others had taken from the area, I am not sure we were expecting to see just how bad the situation really is.

One of the main reasons for being there last weekend  was something called “Devils Night” which has been appropriately renamed “Angels Night”.  During the nights leading up to Halloween it is common that many of the abandoned (and occupied) houses are set on fire. This is something that has been happening there since the 80’s, however this year there were very few fires due to strong community support and neighborhood foot patrols.

We spent our days urban exploring in abandoned buildings all over Detroit, and nights following fire trucks.

We were able to gain access to Michigan Cenral Station , the Lee Plaza Hotel, Highland Park Police/Fire/Court complex,  and an abandoned project  which read, W.P. Chrysler.




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