Samantha and Josh are married in the Catskills

On Friday morning August 13th Nathan and Katie packed up their gear and hit the road west bound to photograph a lovely wedding in the Catskill Mountains. Samantha Hay and Josh Krinsky were married at the Krinsky’s house by the quaint town of  Margaretville, NY.
Friends and family traveled in from all over to be a part of a truly special weekend. The wedding ceremony took place at a pristine lake next to the mountains on a perfect afternoon. Samantha and Josh stood proudly together with their baby Naomi as lifetime friends of theirs, Megan Auster-Rosen and Ben Lenzner, married them.   The wedding was especially personal as each and every person at the wedding shared a memory, a smile and a laugh while dancing the night away. Local wild flowers, home-made jam, and a beautiful baby girl named Naomi made this wedding one  we will never forget!  As photographers we are thankful to have been a part of a unique and beautiful wedding. Congratulations to Samantha and Josh!

Photography by Nathan and Katie

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Jay-Z for Metro

Earlier tonight I photographed a few songs of the Jay-Z concert at the TD Garden for the Boston Metro. It was the usual hurry up and wait, but I got a few shots I liked that I know the paper doesn’t have the room to print.

Anne Hathaway is Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year

Anne Hathaway received the Woman of the Year award by Harvard’s Hasty Pudding Theatricals yesterday with a parade through the snowy streets of Cambridge.

I had the day off and decided I would go and try to make a photo or two of the event.  Aside from the two dozen or so photogs who had this as an actual assignment, there were dozens of others out there like myself who went just for the “fun” of it.

Although the sudden snowstorm often caused my auto-focus to slip, it didn’t seem to stop hundreds of people from crowding the streets to get a glimpse of the actress.

I decided to take my chances and bring a long lens, George Rizer style. I knew there would be tons of people around and I wanted to try to eliminate as much of the distracting background as possible.

One last look back at the crowd.

Good bye Anne, come visit us again soon.

Sarah and Noah, New Years Eve Wedding

I was asked by a fellow photographer  to help shoot a wedding on New Years Eve at the Lenox Hotel in Boston . With no real plans for the evening I thought it would be a fun way to ring in the new year.

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Baby in the North End

I recently had the opportunity to photograph Connor, an extremely cute newborn baby belonging to Jamie and Jess at their home in the North End of Boston.

We had planned the shoot for outdoors, but with the weather not cooperating we ended up photographing in their amazing condo instead.

This worked out great because even with wind and driving rain outside, the  large front windows provided wonderful natural light.

What a cute family. I really enjoyed being given the opportunity to capture the natural joy that Jamie and Jess have with their new son Connor.

Babies are sleepy people though and can only tolerate a certain amount of photo pressure.

Thanks Jamie, Jess and Connor for allowing me in to your family for the day!

Two weeks in Mumbai, India

I recently had the opportunity to spend nearly two weeks in Mumbai India. I was asked to help out with a photography workshop put on by Visual Reportage Workshops.

I found Mumbai to be an exciting place filled  with generous people, as well as  a complete test to all of my senses.

Dharavi is known at the largest slum in the continent of Asia. It houses and employs well over half of a million people and exports goods all across the world. Although both living and working conditions are very grim, the people of Dharavi would prefer this over plans the government has to take over the land.

A girl walks along a water pipeline in Dharavi.

Tin structures along the railroad tracks provide housing for many in Dharavi.

One of the largest issues facing the people of India is the lack of clean water. In many areas running water is not available to the people on a regular basis and water delivery trucks provide clean water once each week. I witnessed people illegally selling small bags of water to those who missed the delivery.

A woman in Dharavi rinses her hand at a leaking pipe.

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Speed Post_Mumbai to Boston in a cotton sack

I was very excited and a bit surprised tonight to receive the package I had sent myself from Mumbai, India late last week. To be completely honest, I was surprised to see the contents at all.  The postal system I was strung through to get the package sent was on par with most other obstacles I faced while I was visiting Mumbai.

“Three photocopies of this, fill out these forms, you can’t send medicine sir (Tiger Balm), go see the ladies out there on the curb and they will sew up your package and seal it for you.”

” It is not possible sir for you to be the sender and receiver”

After quoting me two different prices to send the same package at the same speed, I went with the lesser amount and crossed my fingers. And just like the rest of the trip, things seemed to work out in the end. I now have three new bicycle bells (that are VERY loud) and a bunch of clothing and trinkets from Mumbai.

Thank you Speed Post.

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