Hand made birdhouses crafted from recycled shipping crates and found material by Nate Fried-Lipski

6 Birdhouses for a bride in NYC

About a week ago I got an e mail from a woman in New York City who somehow found her way to my birdhouse page on Etsy. She decided that she wanted to order 6 birdhouses for her bridesmaids as gifts.  The only catch was, her wedding is on the 19th of this month, and she needs them by the 11th to travel with them to…

Mud football anyone?

Its wet out there… I’m sitting here listening to all this rain hit the roof as I am editing and moving files around, I came across these mud football photos from a few years ago. Today would be a good day for a game. I remember shooting this event, slipping all over the place and trying not to get my gear covered in mud.

Boards and Birds

Great day on Nantucket yesterday. Spent some time at the beach grilling and watching friends Miles Hamilton and Christian Del Rosario surf.

American Racing Pigeon Union Auction in New Bedford

Northeast Zone Director of the American Racing Pigeon Union, Bill Desmarias invited me to attend a local auction held in New Bedford yesterday. How could I say no! There were about 15 pigeons up for auction with all bids starting at $100.

Winter project-bird houses

Along with lots of exciting shoots this winter, sledding and taking full advantage of all the excess snow, I have been passing the time building dozens of birdhouses. I am not sure exactly where the idea came from. My intention was to make no two the same, and to try to come up with my own designs. Although I was happy with what I…

Year of the Rabbit

Its officially the year of the rabbit. If you were in China Town today, you know all about it!   The dragons are fed lettuce and oranges. They then dance and firecrackers are lit throughout the streets.         By the end of the day, the streets were filled with spent firecrackers.   Did you get a photo of that?    

Kite flying with Kealan in Marblehead

I had a chance to catch up with my good friend and fellow photographer Kealan Shilling for breakfast and some kite flying the other day.

Superhero 5K

Sunday morning, Katie and I headed over to Cambridge to photograph the Superhero 5k. It was great to see all the adults dressed in costume on Halloween morning. I loved that this group dressed as the Thunder Cats.             Maybe a bit soon for this costume?   Where did you think superheroes kept their cell phones? In their underwear…

Dominic plays pee-wee soccer at Devotion School

This morning we ventured over to the Devotion School in Brookline to watch my nephew Dominic and his team, The Munchkins play in a Brookline Youth soccer game.         He absolutely hates being subbed out of the game and makes this face whenever it happens. “aw, come on!”   Dominic in the middle of the bottom row, and his dad Coach…

Elephants in the City!

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus is headed to Boston. 9 Elephants and other pachyderms marched along Memorial Drive on their way perform in “The Greatest Show on Earth” at the TD Garden.

Speed Post_Mumbai to Boston in a cotton sack

I was very excited and a bit surprised tonight to receive the package I had sent myself from Mumbai, India late last week. To be completely honest, I was surprised to see the contents at all.  The postal system I was strung through to get the package sent was on par with most other obstacles I faced while I was visiting Mumbai. “Three photocopies…