Hand made birdhouses crafted from recycled shipping crates and found material by Nate Fried-Lipski

6 Birdhouses for a bride in NYC

About a week ago I got an e mail from a woman in New York City who somehow found her way to my birdhouse page on Etsy. She decided that she wanted to order 6 birdhouses for her bridesmaids as gifts.  The only catch was, her wedding is on the 19th of this month, and she needs them by the 11th to travel with them to…

An unusual walk in Mt Auburn Cemetery

Between woodworking and photographing for clients, I haven’t had the time lately to enjoy one of my favorite places in the city, Mt Auburn Cemetery. With a few hours between appointments today, I headed over to see what I could find.

mating wood ducks, Nate Photography

Mating Wood Ducks

Today I got my first photos of a wood duck. There were actually 3 pair of them but these photos are of of just one pair. They are very shy and it took a long time for them to get used to me being there, but it was certainly worth it. After sitting still for a few hours so that they would acclimate to…

Lesser Scaup at Mt Auburn Cemetery

For the first time on record, a Lesser Scaup is seen at Mt. Auburn Cemetery. Hopefully this is the start to a great season at Mt. Auburn.

Turtle and Blue Heron, face to face

  I took a drive over to Mt. Auburn Cemetery this morning to see if I could start the week with some bird shots. Saw this juvenile blue heron in one of the ponds , so I thought I’d sit and see what happened.

Friday Fly day with Blue Heron

I headed out early today to try for more photos of red-tailed hawks with no luck, although I did come across a blue heron.

Red-Tailed Hawk photographs from Mt. Auburn

Flying through the trees. Here are a few photographs of Red-tailed Hawks from two recent trips to Mt. Auburn.

Sad fish Happy bird

This morning I left the house to run some errands and drop some items off to clients and brought my camera along with me as I usually do.  Sometimes I see something interesting along the way, and sometimes I take a detour to visit a spot where I might see something. Mt. Auburn Cemetery is one of my usual stops when I am on…

13 hole commissioned bird house

I was presented with the challenge of  incorporating all of these old and expensive wine box pieces in to a large, multi-holed bird house. The client needs the house for a christmas present for her boss, so today was pretty much my deadline. Here is what I came up with. A 13 hole house with three hinged parts. I was able to blend the…

Flying Hawks with Chris Davis and New England Falconry.

Today I ventured back out to western Ma. where I met up with Chris Davis of New England Falconry and his Harris’ hawks. I hadn’t had a chance to catch up  Chris Davis since going on some hunts with him last season, so it was great to get a chance to see him and his birds again. Chris worked  a small group of six…

Green heron eats frog at Mt. Auburn Cemetery

Since today is my last day in Boston for a while I wanted to get a few last shots of the green heron at Mt. Auburn Cemetery. At one point I counted 3 green heron as well as a pair of kingfisher that were dropping out of the trees catching fish in the blink of an eye. I was able to see one of…

Round two with green heron at Mt. Auburn Cemetery

This morning I went back for a second round with the green heron I saw yesterday at Mt. Auburn Cemetery. I really enjoy catching the birds in action, and didn’t feel like the shots from yesterday were complete. The sun was out today and the pond was buzzing with activity.

Heron at Mt. Auburn Cemetery

This morning I was lucky enough to see both Blue Heron and Green Heron at the Mt. Auburn Cemetery in Cambridge. It was a rainy and dark morning out but the birds were pretty active.

Evening egret in the rain on Nantucket

Last night while at a cookout on Easy St. in Nantucket, I spotted a few egret in the harbor. It was getting dark and I waited a bit too long to go home and get the camera. I really had to crank the ISO,  but I am happy with some of the shots.

Juvenile red-tailed hawk on the hunt

I heard some screming outside this morning and went out to find the juvenile red-tailed hawk that has been hanging around the house lately.